May/June 2013:
Reporter for "Top Model" Norway.

May 2013:
Reporter for Stavanger Symphony Orchestra´s promotional film.

Feb/Mar/Apr 2013:
In Los Angeles for inspiration through classes and fellow actors, and writing for my blog and followers.

January 2013:
Shooting the lead in a music video for the band Andalusian Conspiracy. The song is called Vanidad, and will be aired in Europe and Spanish speaking countries.

December 2012:
5 National films for the interior decorating brand Princess. Aired on National TV all through Christmas.

November 2012:
Booked another Infomercial for Canal Digital, I am now their regular Presenter. Will be shot in Oslo, voice will be shot in late December.

October 2012:
Booked the Television series “Herlige hjem” that will be sent on FEM and TVN. Will be playing an Expert Host. Shot around the vicinity of Oslo.

August 2012:
Booked a National Commercial for the Fruit and Vegetable campaign for Bama. Will be shot in Oslo.

July 2012:
Booked the role in the Campaign for stop bullying “STOPP Mobbing!” Will be screened at every school in Norway.

May 2012:
Shooting the Movie Terra in the Mountains of Geilo. A four day shoot with Dog sledding and Down Hill skiing. Beautiful Scenery!

April 2012:
Booked a National Infomercial for the Company Canal Digital that has the majority of Net rental in Scandinavia. Will be shot in Oslo, both film and voice over.

February 2012:
Booked a National commercial for JIF cleaning supplies. Will be shot in Buchurest, Romania for 3 days.

January 2012:
My part in the show “Pit Boss” will air this month on the TV channel Animal Planet. Check it out! A very fun and surprising twist to the show.