Anne Lena was born in the summer, pinkish white with a blond Mohawk - looking just like her Daddy. She was born above the Arctic Circle in a city called Harstad, where the wind blows straight through you and there are mountains in every direction. Its SO far up North, that the only thing you see during winter is the Northern lights, and during summer the Midnight sun keeps you awake all night.

Anne Lena had an early urge to entertain, and thanks to her schoolteachers support, she held her class hostage a couple of times a month –singing, acting and dancing. She continued on with Drama in junior college and was both writing and performing for the graduation play. Comedy has had a major influence on Ms. Hansen, and in one of the scenes she did a parody of Madonna piercing herself on her funnel bra.

When representing her State as a Rotary exchange student in Binghamton NY, she continued pursuing Drama as a senior in High School. And even though she was a tall, pale blond Scandinavian, she embraced the role of Anne Frank with all its layers and emotions, and won “Best Actress BHS” for her performance.

Winning the crown in Miss International (Japan)
Back in Norway she had a busy time ahead, being elected President of the senior classes, before graduating and becoming Miss Norway, placing 11th in Miss World and winning the crown in Miss International (Japan). It was going from one stage to another, and instead of playing theatre roles she was now holding speeches representing her country all over the world.

Through modeling she got to travel all over the world, and experienced other cultures and its amazing people. Sometimes she found it nerve wrecking and sometimes exotic. Like being attacked by elephants or meeting the King of Swaziland and his (then) 11 wives. Modeling is an exciting career, but the theatre was calling. With great representation it has been possible to combine the two.

The theatre was calling
Longing for more Ibsen, Chekov and Strindberg she auditioned for the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, playing Blanche DuBois and Eliza Doolittle. Being admitted to AADA she got to grow through the great ones like Desdemona, Clytemnestra and Nora. She was deeply in love with Theater and there was no going back.

After graduating and living a total of 5 years in NY to work professionally, she returned to Norway to continue acting. She was one of the founders of “The Actors Network”, who made the DVD “A one night stand” with scenes put together in a cutting edge continuous motion. It was followed by a sold out performance in Oslo with the same name. Anne Lena was in scenes by Neil Simon and Bernarda Alba.